Open Access publishing refers to the availability of the published material to be accessible for everyone without any charges. The material is available for downloading, printing, reading, and reusing without any restriction. It is beneficial as it breaks the wall of restrictions between the researchers and the study materials and makes it easy for them to access the work they need.

Boston Research Journals accept research papers from scholars all across the world belonging to all the major disciplines.

Peer review refers to the process of reviewing the research papers by fellow researchers of the same discipline for unbiased and critical analysis of the research paper. Yes, we allow peer-reviewing at Boston Research Journals so as to provide the best result to our readers.

No, there is no limitation of format or limitation of words on submitting a manuscript. We accept the manuscripts in every format.

Article Processing charges (APC) refer to the publication fee paid by the author(s) which includes the reviewing cost, journal production, delivery, and archiving. It varies by journal and is charged after the manuscript is accepted.