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Because your research deservers the reach it should be getting.Publish your video research with our innovative publication model.
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Publish Research Videos

With Boston Research Journals authors can publish their research in video format. These videos will be included in the journals along with other videos and papers. In the print copy, a dedicated page will be printed directing readers to the website to view video.

Wider Reach

Increase Viewership of Research

Scientific knowledge transfer is paramount for us and there is no better way to tell research than videos in this new era of technology. BRJ makes sure you get better viewership and more citations.

Better Explanations


Videos always give better understanding than text. Any research published in high quality video will provide better explanations of ideas and innovations.



Once published, the video will be shared to multiple social medias, research blogs, featured listings and website's featured pages.

Getting to the details

All the videos submitted for published are peer-reviewed by the team 2 peer reviewers and editorial board before being accepted. We follow a comprehensive feedback approach with authors in the process.

To promote the new and innovative way of publication through the videos, BRJ has decided to make the fees waved off. It is free to publish research videos.

BRJ can help you find an affordable and talented team that can help you record the videos. Get in touch with us to find a team near you.

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