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Open Access Publishing

Why should we promote open access publishing?

In these critical times of pandemic, everyone around the world is suffering from loss. These times have made our lives more and more critical. For the people who are engaged or devoted to the fields of academics, these are the times of crucial changes and constant innovation.

Yes, indeed we are talking about those nerds who have currently been banned from their place of worship, i.e., schools, colleges, libraries. These people who are trying to make their valuable contributions to their respective disciplines through their dedication and creativity are locked physically, but their minds race constantly and to keep up with it they need knowledge from any and every source they could find. A good publisher would believe in providing these thirsty knowledge seekers with the elixir of knowledge and researches from all across the world.

Open access publishing refers to the journals and texts available for all. This is not just a noble deed but a basic amenity like food for the scholars and researchers who depend on their meagre salaries for their livelihood and are unable to afford high level journals and research blogs.

One should promote open access publishing since knowledge grows when you share it and it is the one thing that pays more than it costs. Open access journals are beneficial for those who are from places with economic crisis, institutes with less or no financial aids, as well as the independent scholars who devote themselves to the development of education and are all by themselves for this holy motive.

These open access platforms are not just for the readers but also for the libraries who provide their members and regular visitors constantly with latest researches and updates in their respective interests. The local libraries which are unable to get hard copies of the text materials could easily provide the required texts through these open access published materials.

So far, we talked about the benefits for the users but these open access journals are also a good choice for the researchers who want their great works to be acknowledged by everyone and get it published. These open access publishers charge very less or almost nothing for publishing the works. They only charge for the services they provide through their platforms and also, they give chance to all the researchers old or new, famous or underrated, individual or group, sponsored or not sponsored. The researchers all across the world get equal opportunity regardless of their language, discipline or country. Everyone gets a chance to place their achievement in front of the world.
These open access publishing also have a great deal of benefit for our environment. Since, these are published in digital format they do not require papers.

Thus, through all the above conceptions we can conclude that these open access published texts are very helpful and therefore, there is no harm in promoting them among the authors and scholars who ultimately will make more of their discoveries through the knowledge acquired.


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