We establish the standard of publishing

Boston Research Journals is a well-known name in publishing. The journals we publish create a trademark of our performance. We follow the ethics of publishing very seriously and the following guidelines are for our fellow authors to ensure the authenticity of our journals.

Our Ethics

Boston Research Journals is a well-established publishing institute with high-ethical standards. Our commitment is to devote our work to the development of academics and research. We take pride in our honored services towards our authors and members. It is an honor for us to contribute to the research publishing field with diligence and reaching to excellence in publishing.

At Boston Research Journals, we are committed to conducting our duty honestly, ethically, and in accordance with the best practices and the Principles of Open Association of Research, Society U.S.A and to preserve its self-sufficiency, authenticity, and liberty from malpractice in the processing and publication of journals. We have strict policies against all kinds of publishing malpractices. We have an unprecedented commitment to secure our deliverance and integrity along with keeping away from any form of tilt. We are guided at all times by the highest standards of integrity, whether dealing with researchers, professionals, or authors.

Our code of conduct is designed to foster a reliable and integrated atmosphere that allows and encourages researchers, professionals, authors, and scientists to publish their research work by offering the best possible methods and to grow more in a healthy way in their respective research fields. Our corporate responsibility consists of a robust Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which connects our behaviors to the best organizational practices. We provide the best services and maintain a sincere relationship with authors, researchers, fellow members, and reviewers.

Code of Conducts

We hold a strong reputation for our honest services across the world, and we thrive to keep up to our standards. Preserving the trust of our researchers, scientists, professionals, and authors is the key responsibility of our organization. Our code of conduct explains our policies on how we proceed with the publishing of the research works. Each member of our organization, including researchers, employees, peer-reviewers, and our editorial board, commits to understanding this code and abiding by its principles. The principles support full compliance with applicable laws.

Our corporate values serve as the pillar of our high-valued services and work ethics. Integrity, trust, diversity, ingenuity, and partnership are all core values of Boston Research Journals that underpin our business conduct. We believe that when we apply our ethical principles to our decisions, the organization is positioned for success.

Our values guide our actions in conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner and distinguish us from our researchers, scientists, professionals, and authors. As a corporation and as individuals, we respect the law, support universal human rights, protect the environment, achieve operational excellence and benefit the communities where we work. We work for the development of knowledge.

We take pride in all our qualities that enable us to maintain our name in the publishing industry.


We maintain a transparent relationship with our authors, partners, members, and staff. We make sure that none of our work could be claimed unauthentic. We provide detailed information on our terms and conditions to whoever wants to join our organization.


We take responsibility to give the best output. We accept the manuscripts and work hard on them to make them better. We use the best of technology to make sure it is error-free. We ensure the sanctity and security of every submitted work as well as published work.


We accept research papers and articles from all the researchers and scholars over the world. We keep our doors open for all the works because we believe that every step, no matter how small, will help us in development.

Continuous improvement

Our organization has the utmost mission of making educational research globally accessible. This takes continuous growth. We are open to any critical comment that would help us to grow and reach our goal.


We make sure that all our processes are organized. It results from great management that every manuscript submitted to us goes through a step-by-step process before its publication that ensures its authenticity and quality. We ensure the authenticity of research by getting them checked by peer-reviewers, editorial boards, and partner institutes.

Our organization’s foundation is established on the notion of the development of research and enhancement of knowledge. We make sure to fulfill our duties to all the members of our organization.

The authors are our core responsibility. We keep continuous communication with our authors. We make sure to get our authors well-informed with our rules and guidelines and our working process to avoid any dispute. The communication with the authors is straight, and no foul language or misdemeanor is presented. The assigned staff keeps interaction with every author timely. We ensure the work of authors is safe and secure under our supervision. The authors are properly guided by our staff about our terms and policies and any news or updates regarding our organization. We also maintain communication between authors and reviewers as well as authors and editors. We copyright the works submitted to us to avoid future conflicts. The authors are made fully aware of every step and required changes to their manuscript. We keep an open platform for any comments or requests from authors. All our published work is properly checked and approved by respective authors.

The reviewers are the researchers, academicians, and professionals who ensure that the manuscript is error-free and high-quality before publication. The reviewers play a vital role in the process; hence we keep them well informed with our working process and publishing timelines. We ensure that the reviewers are connected to the stream of the respective manuscript. We keep track of the work of reviewers and ensure that their suggestions are verified. We maintain communication between reviewers, editors, and authors. The reviewers are properly guided with the rules and codes of the communication and their use of the given manuscript.

The editorial board is the principal body that has the final say in the publication of a manuscript. The editors are selected for their excellence in their work. The editors are provided with the rules and guidelines of our organization. Every manuscript submitted to them is pre-reviewed and amended by the reviewers and authors, so if the editors find the manuscript as ready for publication, it is approved; otherwise, in case of any more problems concerning the manuscript, the editors make the final decision. We maintain communication between the editors, reviewers, and authors and ensure that any foul language does not violate the communication. We respect the qualifications of our editorial board, and thus their decision is the final.

The readers are the primary judge of the author’s work. We thrive to provide the best quality work that could change academics and research in the coming times. We pass every manuscript through a rigorous process to make the final output to be the best version. We provide platforms where our readers can communicate with us. We are open to any comment on our work to maintain our growth. We work on the suggestions given to us to maintain our top position in journal publishing.

Ethics guidelines for reviewers

Boston Research Journals provide double-blinded peer reviews of manuscripts. This allows the authors to give honest feedback regarding the manuscript. The reviewers must follow a certain code of conduct to ensure the reliability of their work.

  • The reviewers must be of the same discipline as the manuscript.
  • The reviewers must ensure the manuscript’s quality, check the authenticity of data, verify results of experiments, and language appropriateness.
  • The reviewers can only review the manuscript. They can suggest the necessary change but cannot modify the manuscript by themselves.
  • The reviewers cannot use the manuscript’s data for their use without the required authorities’ consent.
  • In case of plagiarism or copyright violation, the reviewers should inform the editor and authority. They cannot take any decision or make any statement to the author directly.
  • There is a strict policy against the use of foul words or any misdemeanor.

Ethics guidelines for editors

Boston Research Journals has an esteemed team of editors who make a manuscript perfect for publishing by their thorough guidance. The editorial board holds the final decision in the publishing of the manuscript after the required amendments. The editors follow certain ethics as their role is very authoritative and have the final decision to publish a manuscript.

  • The editors must be of the same discipline as the manuscript.
  • The editors should be thorough and critical with their comments on the manuscript.
  • The editors must check for any data fabrication or misleading results in the manuscript.
  • The editors should be prompt with any notice of plagiarism in the manuscript.
  • The editorial board will possess the final decision for the action in acclaimed plagiarism, data fabrication, copyright violation, or unacceptable data.
  • The editorial board would handle any conflict with the author regarding publishing.

There is a strict policy regarding the use of foul language and misdemeanor.

  • No editor can use any data from the manuscripts for their use without the author’s consent (s).

Ethics guidelines for authors

Boston Research Journals is a well-known name in publishing. The journals we publish create a trademark of our performance. We follow the ethics of publishing very seriously, and the following guidelines are for fellow authors to ensure our journals’ authenticity.

1. Research approval

The research conducted should be appropriate and approved. All the author(s) and the concerning institutes must have proper licensing of practicing the respective research.

2. Data analysis

The data provided in the manuscript should be analyzed properly. The facts and figures must be checked before including in the manuscript. The calculations should be accurate so as to avoid any future claims.

3. Authorship

All the author(s) concerned with the manuscript must approve of its publication. Each and every author of the paper must be acknowledged in the manuscript. Our journal does not allow such conflicts. The responsibility of any plagiarism and fabrication would be of the respective author(s).

4. Conflicts of interest

Any concerning person or institute or data related to the manuscript that may lead to the reviewing or authenticity of the respective manuscript is a conflict of interest. The author must ensure that every party involved with the work of the manuscript has approved its publication.

5. Plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to using some data that has been used by someone else without consent. We have a very strict policy against plagiarism, and we suggest the authors submit manuscripts that are original to avoid any future consequences.

Dealing with misconduct

Boston Research Journals follow strict rules against misconduct. It includes the conflict of interest concerning a manuscript, plagiarism, inappropriate data, and conflicts among the manuscript authors.

Investigating misconduct

The editors remove any submission that raises misconduct, but the editor can allow the investigation under certain circumstances.