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Boston Research Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities

Subjects Covered Under The Journal

History & Archeology

The study of past activities and sustenance by the study of materials, carvings or inscriptions left behind.

Education, Language & Literature

The learning of skills and values and their transfer through verbal communication and written works.

Law & Criminology

The system of rules and their physical and psychological effects on society.

Political Science & Sociology

The sciences of political behavior and social behavior.

Sports & Physical Education

The study of physical aspects of the human body and maintenance of physical fitness through physical activities.

Culture & Tourism

The acknowledgment of the historical foundations, traditions, and beliefs of communities and their mingling through travel.

Art & Applied Science

The varied range of human activities and science of practical significance of social sciences.


The study of physical realms of the earth and their connections with human societies.

Family & Child studies

The study of physical and psychological aspects of a family and guidance to provide better nurturing to child.

Boston Research Journal of Computers & Information Technology

Subjects Covered Under The Journal

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The development of machines to perform intelligent tasks such as reasoning and decision making.

Cloud & Quantum Computing

The virtual spaces provided by applications for storage of data that could be accessed later.

Computer vision, graphics and media

The application of various computer graphics and media for illustration and analysis of data.

Softwares & Algorithms

Development of internal data of computer and specific instructions to accurately process this data.

Big Data, Data & Databases

The collection, management, and storage of data are large and complex.

Network & Security

The connection of devices for mutual exchange of data and protection of data from hackers.

Hardware and IOT

The manufacturing and development of the devices that make up the computer and work in harmony while taking the input, processing the data and giving the output.

Boston Research Journal of Engineering & Material Science

Subjects Covered Under The Journal

Civil Engineering & Construction

Compilation of earth science, architectural engineering and material science for creation of infrastructure.

Materials Science

Combination of engineering, physics and chemistry principles to solve the problems associated with engineering.

Mechanical & Automotive

Manufacturing and designing of hardware or machines including automobiles.

Energy & Industrial

Analysis of functioning of industries and development with use of appropriate and advanced technologies.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The branch of engineering that deals with study of application of electricity and various devices with electrical components.

Robotics & Automation

Development of intelligent machines such as robots with advanced technologies.


The branch of engineering that deals with application and development of technology on molecular level.

Boston Research Journal of Business & Management

Subjects Covered Under The Journal

Business, Management & Administration

Establishment, management and proper maintenance of a profit generating organization or business.

Resource & Asset Management

Development of policies for efficient and effective use of resources and management of assets to ensure maximum profit of an organization.

Economics, Finances & Accounting

Assessment of quantitative methods, management of capital and calculation of profit and economic transfers of any organization.

Marketing & Trade

Promotion of a product to enhance the trade of an organization.

Boston Research Journal of Science & Mathematics

Subjects Covered Under The Journal

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Study of structures and properties of various elements and compounds for development of more useful substances.

Agriculture & Food Sciences

The art of cultivation of food and study of nutrition.

Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics is science of shape, quantities and various operations performed on these quantities. Statistics includes the interpretation of data to get a conclusion.

Physics & Astronomy

The science of matter, space, time and other entities. Astronomy is the science of celestial objects and phenomena.

Earth, Marine & Environmental Science

The study of physical and chemical constitution of land and water bodies on Earth that constitute the environment.

Biology & Life Sciences

The study of living organisms and their structures, metabolism and evolution.

Boston Research Journal of Medical & Pharma

Subjects Covered Under The Journal

Pharmacology, Medicine & Diseases

Determination of a disease and application of appropriate drugs or medications for recovery and restoration of health.

Veterinary Science & Medicine

The study of diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecology is study of treatment of female reproductive system. Obstetrics deals with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period.

Radiology, Imaging and Instrumentation

The use of medical imaging through radiations and instruments for treatment of diseases within the body.


The study of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.


The study of treatment of diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

Dentistry and Otolaryngology

Dentistry consists of study of treatment of oral cavity. Otolaryngology consists of study of treatment of head and neck conditions.


Curing diseases by performing some procedures on patients with the help of instruments.

Oncology & Radiotherapy

Oncology is the study of treatment of cancer. Radiotherapy includes treatment of cancer with the help of radiations.


The study of cognitive process, social behaviour and mental health and treatment of mental health disorders.


The study of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.