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Open Access Journal Publishing

Author and Reader Oriented
Our ultimate objective is to create a product that is explicitly oriented to benefit academics and research. Thus, we ensure that we include the features that satisfy the journal owner’s requirements and the author.

We provide all the services for open access publishing from submission to publishing in a well-designed flow of activities, including double peer-reviews, editing, filtering, printing, and publication of the journal. We also offer best-in-class technologies and consultancies. We help publishers get their websites and apps live in days that support all the compliances.

Choice of Services and Qualities
We provide our partners with the choice of services as per their requirements. We accommodate your needs from submission to acceptance to publication.

Why Choose Us?

Quality of service

We have publishing expertise that helps us understand, analyze and perform as per the needs of the publishing partners.

Great services at minimal cost

We aim to provide our partners with excellent facilities that are mostly system controlled, including artificial intelligence that reduces publishing’s internal cost.

Copyright and anti-plagiarism

Our services support your work, but we allow copyright and ownership to our partners. Also, we are strictly against plagiarism and have strict policies against it.

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