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BRJHSS publishes research of unprecedented significance and pertinence. The journal is internationally acclaimed, double-blind, peer-reviewed. It publishes articles in varied fields from education to geography, including many other disciplines like arts, sports, culture, law, and others.

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Online ISSN: 2834-4863
Print ISSN: 2834-4855

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Social Sciences & Humanities


Boston Research Journals In Social Sciences & Humanities is an international journal that focuses on publishing high-quality research articles in all sub-areas of humanities & social science. The mission of this journal is to provide an academic forum for scholarly reporting and discussion of developments in all possible aspects of learning in humanities for all the professionals, scholars, and researchers all over the world. It aims to offer an outlet for research and reviews in humanities and social science relevant for national and international development. We welcome all the original research papers and articles, which can be theoretical, applied, empirical, case-based, or policy-oriented in all areas of humanities and social science.

Jose Salum
Dr. José Manuel Salum Tomé

Editorial Team Member

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Dr. Atsushi Furuya

Editorial Team Member

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Dr. Jaime Sandoval

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Acceptance Rate 45%
Quantopian Grade 86.8%
  • An international journal that publishes articles reflecting the latest developments in various aspects of humanities and social science.
  • Provides an academic platform for researchers and professionals to stimulate new research ideas in all fields of humanities and social science.
  • Includes original research surveys and review papers from all the streams of humanities and social science.



The objective of our journal is to provide peer-reviewed, authenticated research papers on various theoretical as well as applied disciplines of Geography prepared by scholars and researchers all across the world. Our journal does not just concern the field of Geography but also includes all the scopes that are mildly or completely related to these fields, providing our authors a single platform for all their works.


  • Geomorphology
  • Climatology
  • Cartographic Techniques
  • Geography of Population
  • Oceanography
  • Geography of Settlements
  • Thematic Cartography
  • Concurrent-Credit Language
  • Analytical Physical Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Remote Sensing
  • Concurrent- Interdisciplinary
  • Urban Geography
  • Geography of Natural Resource
  • Spatial Dimensions of Development
  • Statistical Methods in Geography
  • Geography of India
  • Evolution of Geographical Thought
  • Field Techniques
  • Biogeography
  • Social Geography
  • Agricultural Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Disaster Management
  • Geographical Information System
  • Contemporary Environmental Issues
  • Regional Planning
  • Geography of Tourism
  • Rural Development

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