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An Analytic Exposition of Some Paranormal Occurrences and the Challenges on the Christian Faith: A Case Study in Igboland

The Christian faith in the present era is undergoing serious difficulties and persecutions. And the causes of these are the multifaceted cultural, ideological and secular trends which have led to the expulsion of God from the public awareness. To avert these nasty trends and to curb some of their vestiges already present in the Nigerian society, especially in Igboland, the researcher has chosen to venture  into the study, the Christian faith and the challenges of culture based paranormal occurrences having the Igboland in view. To achieve  this goal, the researcher employs the methodological approach of analytic exposition as a veritable instrument for presenting the ideas. This study is, therefore, focused on unfolding the challenges of culture based paranormal occurrences on the manner reality is interpreted, tracing its implication in Igboland and its attendant consequences on the Christian faith.

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